Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Cake Journey

Hiya. Wow, it's been a long time! I have been baking and cooking, but I wanted to share with you the largest consumption of my time: cakes.

I have several large events coming up and I needed to brush up on my cake decorating skills. I have some tips and tricks I want to show you soon (and a tour of the new kitchen!), but first let's look at what I've been doing.

My first attempt with piping gel for the rainbow outline. Filling in large areas are super easy (but it gives me hand cramps!).

There were several techniques here - I'll share some more soon. We made faces (babies, bears, bunnies), but I had made blue icing that day. They looked funny so I didn't share those photos!

Mastering the Wilton rose. This was my first attempt.

Here's a closeup. Need to practice more!

I took my own advice. Flowers, flowers, everywhere.
I also practiced drop flowers because I think they may become a focal point on a certain set of wedding cupcakes. Practice, practice.

I didn't want the roses and drop flowers to go to waste, so I made a cake (yes, my coworkers are LOVING this!)

I've also heard more of you want to know: what's for dinner? We'll still focus on sweets, but I'll start sprinkling in some dinner recipes and crowd pleasers! Keep the suggestions coming!

Have a good day,

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